About Us

What is Casa de Esperanza?

Casa de Esperanza Ministries is a faith-based Christian organization that seeks to bring HOPE to those in need by promoting self-sufficiency and spiritual growth through supportive housing, training, and skill development, and to provide medical, dental, and construction services.


Casa de Esperanza means House of Hope in Spanish. We seek to answer Jesus’ call to look after orphans in their distress, to feed the hungry, to give shelter to the stranger and to care for the sick. 

Why Honduras?

In the aftermath of  Hurricane Mitch in 1999 , volunteers from Western Michigan went to Honduras to provide medical services and complete repairs on an orphanage. For the next several years those volunteers returned on a number of occasions. They staffed dental clinics, constructed and renovated several buildings, worked at several orphanages and formed relationships with children living there.


Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Many of the children are forgotten, abandoned or left on the street. Thousands of children every year are sent to orphanages.  However, when they turn 18 these children must make a life on their own. 


Most of these children have not graduated from high school; they lack skills, vocational training and a supportive network necessary to live a productive adult life. Young people leaving orphanages are often unprepared to enter the workforce. Of the Honduran workforce, 28% are unemployed. 

Just Go. Just Help.

Several times each year, Casa de Esperanza Ministries coordinates teams of volunteers to work on a variety of construction projects. Volunteer skill levels range from professionals and experts to beginners and novices. In partnership with Honduran churches, volunteers build new churches in areas without Evangelical churches. Other building projects have included housing repair, new home starts and the construction of a new primary school.